February 13, 2008

Cookie Monster – Dr. Atiko Tijani

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October 27, 2007

An email today from a DR. atiko tijani who is in “urgent need for foreign partner” to help him transfer $30 million dollars out of a deceased client’s account. And, just in case, the good doctor offers up a link to a news story about a plane crash so that I can “confirm the genuiness of the deceased death”.

Cookie Monster wrote back:

“ Hello dere,

Me confirm. Yep. He dead alright. But sadly Cookie Monster no can help. You looking for foreign partner and Cookie Monster not foreign. Me American.

Hey, now dat tink about it, Oscar the Grouch one quarter Scottish. Cookie Monster meet his Scottish relatives once. Dey speak language dat almost sound like English. Dat count?

Cookie Monster

P.S. Me love to learn more about DR atiko culture where people no do capitalize names. So exotik!


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