February 13, 2008

Agent Wexler – Martin Holme

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September 3, 2007

Copying and pasting the seemingly official F.B.I. logo embedded into the email sent me by another email scammer, I sent an impressive-looking message to online phisher Mr. Martin Holme from veteran Federal agent Felix Wexler:

“Dear Mr. Holme,

Agent Felix Wexler of the F.B.I. here. I’d like to thank you for agreeing to assist in the Quibble investigation. Since you have volunteered to meet with the kidnappers when the time comes, the bureau will require some personal information from you, specifically:

1. Your shoe size.
2. Any food allergies that may affect your field performance (ie. peanuts, persimmons, Dijon mustard)
3. Date of last haircut.
4. Passport number (if traveling in from a foreign location).
5. Approximate annual income.
6. Detailed job description.
7. Religious affiliation.
8. Bellybutton positioning (ie. Inny? Outy?).
9. Do you own your own teeth?
10. Next of kin (in the event things go horribly awry).

Again, thank you for helping us out and potentially putting your life at risk. For your protection, the F.B.I. has run a back-trace on your email account and is dispatching agents to your home should the kidnappers seek payback of any sort (as they are usually wont to do).


Agent Felix Wexler
Federal Bureau of Investigation”


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