March 22, 2008

Margaret Quibble – Mr. Pete Burren

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March 20, 2008 

I was blessed with a stroke of good fortune today when my alter-ego, Margaret Quibble, received an email informing her of a big pay-out. Apparently, she won 1 000 000 euros in a lottery. And she didn’t even half to purchase a ticket to do it. As Mr. Pete Burren at the claims department explains: “No ticket were sold but it is to encourage internet users.” Fab! Margaret wrote back:

“Mr. Burren,

Mercy me, this is wonderful news. I thank you for awarding me this prize and also commend you for doing your part to help garner interest in the internet, one of the world’s most woefully overlooked and underutilized resources. I would hope that my cashing in these 1 000 000 euros will, in some small way, help steer people out of their local libraries and parks, away from their friends and families, and into the solitary comforts of a dimly lit room where they can discover the joys of surfing for hairless monkey porn and cute cat pictures.

Keeping it real,

Margaret Quibble”

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